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I usually use Suttons seed cataglogue, but decided to send away for a few from various seed companies.  Which would you recommend?  I have the added disadvantage of being in the Channel Islands and not all companies are prepared to send to us - (I don't know why as we are affiliated to the Royal Mail so the postage costs are no different to yours). 


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    These have more unusual plants than the mainstream seeds people. There are more but I can't bring the names to mindimage

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    i am a great fan of Chilterns.

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    Chiltern fan here too - although my eyes are always bigger than my windowsillsimage

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    Used these quite a lot don't know if they do a catalogue but there web site is very good and informative

  • Thanks peeps, I have sent for Suttons, Chilterns, Unwins, DTBrowns catalogues so far - I think that will be enough to interest me at the mo. They all look so tempting, but mine never quite live up to the pictures - do yours?

    Space and time are going to be the biggest issues for me this year - with the pond preparation, all the gardening (OH retires in June, so hopefully I can share the load with him) and time to get to the beach etc. etc.

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    I like Chilterns and Plant World catalogues as they are informative.  Both sent seeds and catalogues happily and efficiently when I was in Belgium so I assume they'll be fine in France too.

    I am intending to try Seedaholics this year and will use their online ctatalogue.  I find that once you've ordered, companies send the catalogue for the following season..

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  • My copies of 'plant porn' arrived a few days ago and will keep me going through the winter!  image

    I know what you mean about the pictures - 'photoshopped' is the phrase which comes to mind!  However, I eventually found that I if stuck to plants which like my local soil type and climate, they usually didn't look too far off.  It was things like north american prairie plants (eg rudbekia) and similar from south africa (eg gazania) which were always disappointing.

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    I've had soo many seed catalogues the last few days, but I really like seedaholic, especially how you get a plant information sheet with each seed packet.

    I do however use T&m or sometimes Sutton's as they regularly have £5 off voucher. So basically buy £5 worth of seed and just pay £2 postage. 

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    I used Seedaholic last year and they were excellent. Everything beautifully packaged and labelled, and clear instructions. I don't buy many seeds, but I was very impressed with them.

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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