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Our community garden has been given a number of rejected corner baths,which we intend to plant up with herbs, A quick easy way of creating a raised bed, for those in wheelchairs, A program this year with Monty Don explained that certain herbs needed different conditions, ie poor soil,better drainage etc. So which herb needs which bath, bearing in mind we can create the perfect conditions.


  • The Mediterranean herbs, thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano/marjoram all need good drainage and plenty of sun. They don't need rich soil and will have a better flavour if grown 'lean and mean'.

    Mint and lovage are happier with a richer soil , more moisture (but not waterlogged!) and will grow in some shade, as will chives and parsley, though they like sun too.

    Basil needs good, well-drained soil in the warmest spot you have, with lots of sun!

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