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how to support 24 climbers in small garden?

I want to plant clematis all along the fences on two sides of my garden. The fences aren't strong enough to take weight of so many tellies+climbers. What would be most economical way to support the clematis - obelisks or row of arches or any other ideas? I am a clumsy woman with basic diy skills and strength.

All of these were new for me in 2016. Currently they are all in big pots with canes as support. I thought clematis were difficult so i bought too many thinking only a few will survive. Most of these were bought as £3 plants. My luck, they all lived except two expensive ones from taylors image and flowered their hearts out and I love them all now! 



  • NewbNewb Posts: 211


    one thought, something like this. 6 arcs on each side of garden along fence? 

  • B3B3 Posts: 25,260

    That's an awful lot of clematis. How small is your garden?

    You will need to sort the rampant varieties from the more refined before you think of planting anything

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    Is the fence strong enough to support wires for the clematis instead of heavier trellis? You could bang in posts at intervals and put wire or trellis between them. Obelisks are fine, but vary a lot in height and price. You could make wigwams, such as for runner beans, but metal canes covered in green plastic last longer in the ground than bamboo.

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    Your photo hadn't come up when I posted. That looks lovely, but I expect it's expensive.

    Good point from B3. Also there are 3 pruning groups of clematis. Some need hard pruning and some need hardly any, so don't get them muddled up. They are hungry and thirsty too so will need feeding and watering when in growth.

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    Clenmatis are group 2 and group 3. Have i listed them in right groups or any need to move to other group? Also can any of these live in pot? I am thinking to plant group 2s on one side and group 3 on other side of the garden.

    Groups 2 ones: 

    Nelly Moser

    Mevrouw Le Coultre'

    arctic queen

    bees jubilee


    miss batman

    Sylvia Denny

    Group 3 ones: 

    warsaw nike

    Viticella Etoile Violette





    Ernest Markham

    rouge cardinal

    dark eyes



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    Yes clematis are not expensive but supports are so expensive!

    I have around 40 ft long border on either side to plant. The wooden fence isnt strong but posts are concrete and I can tie things to it. If I buy arc my max budget will be £25 per arc and if I buy obelisk it will be like £13 each. 

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    i have these in 46cm pots currently. I think arabella can stay in its pot for now. Not sure who else can...

  • When I moved into this small garden I had the local fencing firm make me 6ft X 4ft trellis which have been mailed to upright posts knocked into the soil. I have encouraged the clematis to reach the trellis by leaning bamboos up to the trellis. This wasn't too expensive and seems to be working well.

    Just an idea you may consider.

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    Hi newb, I found the thread with pics of clematis growing through shrubs for support. I mentioned it on your other thread. It was madpenguinimage

    Hope the link works, my tablet has been a bit glitchyimage

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    Thank you.

    @Kitty 2,

    That is really nice of you. I think I can do with wires or cheap obelisks till my shrubs grow and then let clematis grow over shrubs. It looks so much more natural and nice.

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