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Mould/fungus on tulip bulbs

Hi, has anyone ever planted tulip bulbs that had fungus on them and they've still flowered?

Got quite a lot of bulbs. Didn't get round to planting them until a few days ago.  About 25% of them had a very small amount of mould/fungus on them and some were also starting to sprout. They were stored in the bags in a box in a semi-covered area outside. But there must have been moisture in the air as they have gone bad. Does anyone have any experience of this and do the bulbs still flower? I didn't wash the mould off, maybe I should have?


  • If they had just a bit of blue mould (which is actually a penicillin) on the outer skins they will likely be ok.  Any other sort of black or grey mould or anything affecting root plate or growing tip is bad news and they'll likely not come up.

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  • Yeah it was that blue mould I think. On some of them the brown papery skin had completely come off and the mould was on the white of the bulb. I accidentally dug one up yesterday and the mould had spread over the whole bulb. Seems to be getting worse in the ground.

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    June 4, 2017

    I just got back from Amsterdam and bougt tulip bulbs.  I left them in the packinging for about two weeks and now notice that there is quite a bit of blue mold on the bulbs.  I took them out of the plastic package and am air drying them in Albuquerque New Mexico where generally it is pretty dry.  Did  anyone from the last posting have luck with their moldy bulbs coming up?  Any advise as to whether or not to try to remove the mold?

  • I laced an order with Sarah raven in april and got them in the post yesterday, some of them has small tinges of blue mold on them so tried to brush the mold off  and I've now stored them out in the shed where it's dark in a cardboard box covered with newspape. I hope they'll be ok but thanks for saying on this thread that they should be ok. I did throw about four away because they did look a little bad but I'll place another order for a smaller bunch to bulk the numbers up again.

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    Hi Jean - plastic isn't ideal for storing any bulbs, as they're inclined to sweat, which leads to problems. I doubt there would be any lasting damage done, but normally, tulips need quite a cold environment to do well, so it might be worth putting them somewhere dry and cool if your temps are high. Over here (UK) we usually plant quite late in the year (October/November) when it's much cooler, as it helps prevents tulip virus  image

    I've not often had bulbs with any blue mould on them, but there isn't usually any lasting issue Barry, as the others have said. It's the grey/black  kind of mould that's a problem, and caused by dampness. Just keep an eye on yours, and make sure they aren't getting damp - it's quite a while till the ideal planting time if it's tulips, unless you're in a cooler area.  image

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