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Reindeer part three the final

well my fellow forkers merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

well we had unexpected visitors Christmas eve and Christmas morning in the form of my eldest daughter her partner and my 2 gorgeous granddaughters Ruby 4 and Anna 8 months. well as they approached our cottage the large stag I had made started her excitement only to be followed by the 3 smaller deer in the back garden pulling santa's sleigh making her want to don her wellies and go out and play.

It was getting on around 4 pm so light was fading I put the lights on and the deer and sleigh lit up beautifully. as I watched ruby playing she climbed on to the front reindeer and started to make it fly then she climbed back through santa's sleigh and back again shes so funny.

well it ended in tears only for a short while as Ruby climbed back on the front reindeer it fell over breaking part of his antler how ever Bubba that's me came to the rescue and fixed it all back up so all ended well we came in the warm shortly after and had lovely party food for supper.

yesterday was also fantastic as we all went to my other daughters for lunch had a wonderful time there as well.

total deer made this year 9 three in my garden pulling santa's sleigh 1 large stag guarding our cottage

2 for Ruby and Anna

2 for the lady who's garden I care for and 1 for the partner of there tenant for his granddaughter late order Christmas eve having a rest now as I need it to recover god bless you all and have a wonderful time into 2017 Lester


  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Bubba to the rescueimage  Ruby would have been delighted that the reindeer was ok again.

    SW Scotland
  • How lovely, ?. Sounds perfect Bulkerb ??....(we call our rottie Bubba lol). Wishing you and your family a "Happly New Year" also...?????

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