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What Do I Put My Acanthus Seedlings Now?


Three weeks ago I sowed some acanthus hungaricus seeds in seed trays.

You are meant to keep them for 3-4 weeks at 20°, then put them outdoors for 6-8 weeks (at about –5° to 5°), then they are meant to germinate as spring gets going. At least that is what I understand.

But: My seeds have already germinated (like a Christmas miracle I suppose). 

My question is: What should I do with them now? 

- If I keep them indoors at 20° they will probably grow too quickly and keel over

- Will they withstand the winter if I put them outside now? 

I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

All the best



  • Think I'd put them outside in a cold frame. 

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,976

    things do germinate quickly if you sow them fresh before they go dormant. 

    Cold frame sounds a good plan, If you haven't got one, make one or get a cheap and cheerful from one of the GCs or B&Q etc

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