Winter Care of Lemons

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I have two lemon bushes which I am overwintering in a warm room in front of a large SE facing window. (I don't have a greenhouse.) They are looking good and one has about 20 lemons of various sizes. Both have been flowering and as they are inside I am hand pollinating them. Most of these new fruits are dropping off and not setting. I am keeping the plants very dry as I nearly killed one last year through over watering. Could it be that I am keeping them too dry to set the fruits? I would appreciate people's thoughts on overwintering of citrus. Thanks.


  • Depending on your location and the size of your trees,  citrus are usually best kept just frost free over winter.

    Protect the pot/roots with sacking/old pillows or WHY and fleece the tree itself and put in the most protected place you can find.  

    Keeping them in a warm room is not the best plan.....the atmosphere tends to be too dry.  

    Mature trees will take a certain amount of frost damage and will recover once the warmer weather arrives. 

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