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Can anyone remember..?

Morning everyone, I remember there being a review of hand shears in a copy of GW last year (I thought?!) but I can't find it.  Can anyone remember which copy it was in as I need to buy myself a new pair and I remember it being a good review.  If I don't hear from anyone I know how I'll be spending this afternoon (reading through every copy from the past 2 years and becoming easily distracted to the point where I spend far too long looking at interesting articles!!).

Many thanks.


  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 7,305

    I've just had a quick check on the spines and front covers of copies for 2014 through to the current one and can't see anything.  I'm afraid you will just have to sit down with a cuppa and go through them all!

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    Thanks Paula, but they're a bit too small.  I need the sort that are larger, that require two hands.  

    Yes KT, I think that's my evening planned!  image

  • I also need a new pair for my box topiary. I've been looking at the Wolf-Garten and Fiskars brands.

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    I have topiary shears, the Wolf Garten ones, I've never used them! My husband bought them for me last Christmas (I don't have any topiary but he's knows I like gardening so I'm sure he meant well!!).  They look very nice (all shiny and clean!) in the back bedroom. But I have to say many of my tools (that I do use) are Fiskars and I've been very pleased with them Paula if that helps at all.

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