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Good Morning All,

My double Amaryllis has just finished flowering with three beautiful flowers, the last one now dying off. There are still some green leaves and the long stem, and I want to keep it to flower again next year.  

What should I do with it - should I cut it back now, then take it out of the pot, or leave it to die off completely then dry it off; what could somebody suggest please?  

Many Thanks.

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    Let it grow, keep the soil moist(but don't overwater). 

    Shift it outside or plant it in the ground when the risk of frost has passed. Keep in semi shade or full sun. Remember to fertilize, from time to time.

    Pull it out before the first frost or in September and let the leaves dry on their own in shade.......

    Plant 4-6 weeks before you want the flowers to appear, and water. And they cycle continues......

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  • Thank You Vishu for that advice, and for your quick response.  

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    Your welcome........image

    I have my engg. mechanics exam tomorrow. I am almost always online when I have my exams......image . hence the quick responses. Expect more of them for at least a week....... 

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    Thanks , Amy

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    aym280 says:

    Think I'd better rename myself Amy! LOL! Now, you'd better study and I want you to get a distinction!

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    See original post

     Oh!!! I am soooooo sorry!!!! I never noticed that...... Really sorry for messing up your name........

    Let's try again

    Thanks , Aym280image

  • Good luck in your exams vishu ??

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    Thanks , clariceimage

  • Hello Again,

    I returned from holiday a week ago, having left the pot on the kitchen windowsill for the flowers to continue dying off.  I removed the dead stem with the flower buds. The leaves have grown taller, and there is another flower bud through at the base, although not yet on a long stem.  Is this usual ???

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    Yes, its normal. Btw, you didn't share pics!!image

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