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Bulbs to plant in December?

Novice gardener, recently moved house and am sure I've left it too late but would love to plant some spring bulbs now - any that can be planted this time of year? We are relatively mild climate in sunny Torbay!


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    Unless it's a new house you may find bulbs already there. Late planting usually works OK, I'd just plant what you can find available, should be reduced in price by now. 

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  • I bought and planted some tulips in January once (at silly prices!) and they came up just fineimage

     I've still got most of my this years bulbs to plant anyway - too wet, too frozz and then new puppies took up all my timeimage

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  • I have just planted some daffodil bulbs that we're going really cheap in a local garden centre. They we're just beginning to shoot, so I don' expect it will be long before they appear. I don't plant my tulips until November so a few weeks late won't hurt.

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    If you have an established garden it may be best to wait and see what comes up next spring so you don't duplicate, or worse still, dig up or damage existing bulbs or risk clashing colours.

    I suggest you plant some bulbs in pots, making sure they're big enough to plant them at the right depth with twice as much compost above as the size of the bulbs.   Then you water them and keep them in a sheltered corner away from deep frosts.  Come the spring, you can then plant the potted bulbs in borders where you find you have gaps.

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  • Thanks for replies. There aren't any borders here at the moment. It all grass with well established bushes and trees all around. So I have lots of pots for filling and want to plant some bulbs under the trees. Went to a couple of garden centres today and no bulbs at all. Going to buy online now and just hope for the best 

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    Buttercupdays, have you got a pic of your puppies?image

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