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Madagascan Dragon tree dying?

I bought a Madagascan dragon tree in August. It was doing really well for a few months, but about a month ago I went on holiday for a week.
Since then it's developed dry brown tips to its leaves and it's been dropping leaves at an alarming rate. The leaves turn yellow before falling off. The leaves are falling from all over the crown, but predominantly from the bottom. Where they have fallen away they've left white, soft exposed stem.
Does anyone have any advice?I've read so many conflicting accounts if what could be wrong and how to deal with it. 




  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    WellIhaveone of these, had it for years and have just been away for 5 weeks. I did give it a good soak before Ileft..

    Generally they do shed leaves as you described but its not widespread.

     I reduced my central heating down to frost protection levels whilst I was away amd kept my tree by the patio doors in its usual place.. It was fone..

    So I am quite puzzled as to why yours seems so traumatised.. The only thing differnt I did a month prior to my abscence was to repot it in a slightly larger deeper pot...  I do try to water it with clean rainwater rather that tap water.. I hope things improve for you.. MerryChristmas..

  • It's likely to be either under or over watering, coupled with too low light levels and temperatures. Did you give it a good soaking and then turn the heating off and close the blinds before going on holiday? image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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