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Hi All, Is there a right time to cut conifers, i want to cut mine down to about 7 feet,  


  • Depends how tall they are now! But, not really a good time, especially if that's going to be cutting into thicker wood.  I know you see hedges being clipped all through the year, especially by those who do it for cash, but I'd favour mid- Spring.  That's a time for new growth and the tree will forget it's been hacked in the rush to grow.  It'll also allow potential strong new growth to quickly hide the cut stems.


  • just remember if you cut conifers beyond the green growth into brown it will not regrow

  • Hi Thanks for that info, will wait till Mid Spring to lop, will i need to treat the cut, or just leave it. 

  • If you cut in spring you'll need to check very carefully for nesting birds (nests can be very well hidden). Best cut before March.

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    I'd have thought they should be cut between November and end Feb when they are less active and before the sap starts rising actively - easier to cut and less sap loss from wounds.   Certainly do it outside the March to August nesting period for birds.

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  • The nesting bird thing is important, I agree, so care must be taken when lopping and pruning conifers. Cutting them hard in winter exposes the cut stems to low temperatures which can be damaging, so, apart from yew, which can be hard pruned in February, all other conifers should be pruned late Spring/early Summer and, if required, early Autumn.  The flow of sap is minimal, but that vigour is actually what is wanted, to 'green up' the hedge again after pruning/cutting. 


  • Hi Great info, yeah would certainly not cut if there are birds nesting, so will be looking mid March, once again thanks for all the comments.

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