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New Garden Centre

I haven't got any personal links to this, but for those living in Cambridgeshire a new Garden Centre is/has just opened in Coton Orchard. Run by the company (Blue Diamond) that has it's headquarters here in Guernsey, they now own approx 18 centres.


  • Blue Diamond Garden Centre is now spreading it's wings into Tunbridge Wells, Lower Morden, Rake, Worcester, Hereford and Canterbury, some will have previously been known as Wyevale.
  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
    Our local Wyvale GC was taken over by Blue Diamond about 12 months ago. The plants quality and cost has improved greatly imo. They also have a good reward scheme that helps. At checkout the staff always confirm the reward amount you have achieved so that you can take if off your purchase which I find an excellent customer service 

  • That's good news @Stevedaylilly I will pass it on to my daughter who works in the head office here.  Which area do you live in - from what I can remember you used to run your own gardening company and have an enormous garden to care for too.

  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 269
    When Wyevale sold out to Dobbies and Blue Diamond the cost of plants etc shot up, so have not bought anything from either since, sad!

    Someone has to pay for take overs, quess who?
  • Round here the Blue Diamond centre has prices about 20% cheaper than Wyevale in general. Wyevale does seem to give unexpected discounts at the till though and 10% off on a Tuesday as as reward for being old.
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