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Fungus where I want to plant roses

iceice Posts: 332

Hello digging over a parch of garden where I want to plant new barefoot roses I've bought. I found thus fungus. Previous owners had a dead tree here which we removed the stump last winter (may have been winter before). Unfortunately I had disturbed it before taking photo

My worry is that its honey fungus and could damage my new roses. Advice please.



  • iceice Posts: 332



  • I can't see any evidence of a collar on the stems so would suggest this is not honey fungus.  Have a look at the leftmost mushroom in the image on the RHS honey fungus page:

    If you can't see that collar on any of the stems of your fungi, I would just go ahead and plant your roses and not worry about it as most fungi are beneficial or have no effect on plants.

    What I would suggest is that you dust the roots of the roses with mycorrhizal fungi such as 'root grow' which will help them to establish.  I use this on all shrubs and trees I plant and, having honey fungus in my garden, have not lost any of them since using it.  Whether it provides some sort of protection is a good question which even scientists can't currently answer so I can only give you the benefits of my own experience. image

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