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Idea for evergreen container plant!

Hi! I have a very small, east facing front garden so like to use containers for interest and practicality. My doorstep is wide enough for my conical box trees in black cubes either side of the front door plus a European Palm in a black tub. So, you can see my taste is for quite structural plants.

i have a space for one more evergreen in a container around 30cm wide/high SO would love some ideas from my green fingered friends. I would like a slow growing and all year round interest shrub with an interesting shape that won't reach more than 60cm tall. I love phormiums but it would have to be a dwarf variety and many of the websites I've looked at contradict each other over eventual height which is just downright confusing! ????

Many, many thanks.


  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,757

    If you like Phormiums you may like Libertia peregrinans / gold finger / ixiodes, all are dwarf, evergreen and with interesing colour. Libertia grandiflora is also nice but can eventually form quite a large clump. Dianella revoluta / Tasmanica is very simiat in habit to Phormiums but much smaller. The Tas Red hybrid of this plant has attractive colour at the leaf base. All of these plants are clump forming and easily divided. 

  • Thank you very much KeenOnGreen. I've not heard of Libertias before, so I've been googling and looking at the images and this looks very much the kind of thing I'm after. Much appreciated. ?

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