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hi to flower experts out there a novice with growing flowers some I can get going brilliant last year I I re potted some cuttings of above came great with t l c this year taken them out of wall boxes .and placed in fresh compost  with dry  paper and membrane under plants placed in cardboaed box to keep cold off and put in them I have about 6 big plant pots that I also bring up to garden for winter in g/h for next year (  now the the small to big roots that came out of above have started to go mouldy )  what have I done wrong  a bit annoyed as I got a very good show of plants from them last year and it has knocked my confidence in what I was doing it  should I have covered them completely over with compost  or not      thanks  Michael


  •  hi all sorry I have put wrong name they where begeonias  not as I said geranieums  sorry

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,328

    Are you trying to store the begonia tubers? If they are going mouldy they are probably to damp. 

  • hi perki I had a idea I may have done that  even though I made sure the compost was dry the dampness in g/house must have made  compost a bit damp will take all out of compost and riddle some dry compost over again and put extra paper and membrane under plants      ..hope that might do  thanks again perki image

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Michael take them out of the compost and dry them off then store in a paper bag. Unless compost is bone dry you're just asking for trouble.

  • thanks dave morgan   that was the other idea I had but went for compost   thanks again do it in morning      Michael

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