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wigeonwigeon cheshire Posts: 36

hello again. planted some garden centre garlic bulbs. on 1 nov 2016. done what it said on packaging soil well prept exc. and no show as yet how long do they take to germinate or should i start again . they are in the greenhouse away from frost etc. regards peter.


  • did you split the bulb into cloves, or just plant the whole bulb? because if you planted the whole bulb you need to lift it ASAP and divide it up.

    the new growth should be showing in the next week or so, November was quite cold so it'll slowed the growth down.

    plus they NEED frost. I would move them out of the greenhouse and into open ground, without frost they do not divide themselves into cloves.

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  • hi peter419  hi again as tree hugger says did you split bulbs I put mine in back end October  put 100plus main garden 100 all showing  about 3 to 5 inchs  I had 6 small bulblets about size of finger nail and they are showing through now in g/house  and as treehugger says they need frost  hope it is some help   Michael image

  • wigeonwigeon cheshire Posts: 36

    thanks michael. planted some in large pots in greenhouse and some in the if they like frost we have a lot lately and still no show am questioning myself now . i know when i split the bulbs down i kept some root system on them and outer skin .thanks for taking interest michael .

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    Hi Peter

    I must admit I plant my garlic every year around the same time mid October and it takes ages to break through. Maybe I plant too deep however I have always had a great return once they start moving. Not the biggest of bulbs but really good keepers and from this years harvest I will have enough until I harvest next August given a bit luck.

    I have planted in the ground and in boxes this year so I can measure what has been best and will feed them equaly

    Pictures show last years harvest and this years growing methods

    Happy gardening and if you can use pictures to show the group as you will get more feedback and advice.

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