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wigeonwigeon cheshire Posts: 36

hello. grown some leeks this year not very good i must or two where decent others very straggly. i heard you can grow them in cylinders is this true if so does anyone know the best way to do it .regards peter.


  • hi peter419 again   yes you can grow them in 4inch plastic pipeing  I used to when first started  now I  grow then in good worked in compost year before  but what I do now some will say is wrong .. I now make bed for leeks the last few years I have grown them in weed membrane with3inch holes burnt in with a gas blow torch I grow about 75 /100..  just had some leek and tattie broth today and it has worked great  the thing about weed /m/  is that it stops  lots of weeds   and when I want  leeks it easy lifts out     Michael

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    Hi all

    been off line a while IT problems so let's hope this gets through as I have got plenty of updates to share with all from the lottie

    Hi Peter I grow leeks from seed from February and transplant in June, however grow them quite close as not really wanting big leeks, just good size for taste. I always have plenty to freeze come February which will keep me in leeks all year straight from the freezer

    There are plenty of big leek growers who can give you advice on the site so good luck for next year.

    I have used the same method of growing for the past four years and I have not been let down

    Picture shows what I have left in the ground ready for use

    Happy gardening

  • wigeonwigeon cheshire Posts: 36

    hello chris. thanks for info i am a newbie and keeping all info logged thanks again regards peter.

  • Cheers Peter

    Get in.           back on line?

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