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tree ident and cutting back

Hi there can anyone tell me what tree this is. And how i cut it back?image


  • It's one of the variants of Sambucus nigra.  Many people coppice this to keep the foliage a good size and colour  - info here .

    Be aware that coppicing will mean that you will not get flowers, but the foliage will be greatly improved.  

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  • Yep, sambucus nigra 'Black Lace', cracking little tree, whether cropped down to a woody framework, as said, each February, for lovely foliage, or tidied up a little less vigorously (same time), to allow it to produce flower, which is white, but flushed purple. Makes a good addition to elderflower cordial to colour it prettily.


  • coppice it every other year, that way you get foliage the first year and then flowers the next before you cut it to the ground to start all over again.

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