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wigeonwigeon Posts: 36

hello could anyone point me in the right direction i have an unheated greenhouse. and would like to start sowing some seeds for plants to put out in the spring. regards peter.


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,740

    Too early for seed sowing, wait until Spring.

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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,325

    Agree with punkdoc.

    Even if you can provide enough warmth, there's just not enough daylight and what there is is too weak.

    If you provide heat, then you have to provide good light for the seedlings to start to build their strength.
    Sow the seeds at the right time and the plants will be ready to plant out at the right time.

    Best of luck in the spring!

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  • Agree with the above.  What you can do next year is sow many seeds when they are naturally produced by plants, usually in late August.  They will germinate and grow a little, then slow down as the temperature and light levels drop.  Keeping them in the cold greenhouse will protect them from the worst of the winter and slugs etc. and give you a head start in the spring.  Good flower seeds for doing that with include aquilegia, aconitum, delphinium, hardy geranium, lupin, salvia & verbascum.

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  • March is a good time to start with hardy annuals like sweet peas. You will be able to grow a wider range of plants from seed if you have a heated propagator to start them off, as half hardy annuals need higher temperatures. Then you can start them in April, otherwise it may not be warm enough until May. Look at good seed websites like Chiltern seeds or Plantworld for things you think you might like and then check the information they give abouut sowing times.

  • wigeonwigeon Posts: 36

    thank you all for the replies. have took it all on board and hope to speak to you all again .regards peter.

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