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I bought a Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) in October and i planted it where i wanted it. It was in a pot and with a single cane, the plant itself comprised of about 4 stems roughly 18" long.

It has now lost all its its leafs and it hasn't attached itself to the wall, i'm not surprised by this as it had very little time left in the season to do so.

My questions are, should i just leave it? Should i physically attach it to the wall where i want it or should i cut it back leaving just a few inches so that springs new growth grows to the wall and attaches itself naturally?


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    I wouldn't do anything to it Cottage Compost. Like all self clinging climbers it will find its own way to the wall and then it will gallop away image

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  • I agree - leave it alone - those stems will grow longer in the spring and they'll attach themselves next year image

    You planted it in the autumn when it was getting ready to shut down for the winter.  Not the time of year when it would grow those adventitious roots to cling onto the support with.  

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  • Thank you for your replies, i'll leave it alone and see what happens in the spring.

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