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Dahlia Eye's!

Am a complete beginner when it comes to dahlias so please bear with me.

So, I had a purchased dahlia knockout mystic illusion in the ground at home.

I know I have left it in the ground quite late but the couple of frosts we have had hadn't killed the foliage so I have been waiting for this to happen before digging them up. However, due the the cold weather last night (-3 in Essex) I spent the day digging them up to overwinter them as I was concerned that this much cold would kill the tuber altogether!

However, various websites state that once the tuber has been dug up try to locate the eyes from which next years growth will develop.

Well, maybe I missed them but I'm pretty sure that there were no eyes on them....

Should I be worried?!

I had an identical dahlia 2 years ago but decided to leave it in the ground over winter under a thick mulch. The winter was generally quite warm but all the rain we had during late spring early summer just turned the tubers to mush. Hence my reason for wanting to bring them in this year as I cant afford to keep buying new dahlias every summer!!

Thanks for any advice. As I say I am a complete beginner with dahlias.


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,752

    You won't see the eyes until next Spring, as it starts into growth.

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  • OK perfect, thanks for the advice. Had just read a few different opinions elsewhere where some say that eyes should be visible before overwintering and others that say don't worry.

    I will stop panicking.

    Many thanks.

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