Garden vac / blower

I know there was a previous thread on a similar topic but the search facility is so poor I thought it easier just to start a new oneimage

We have a large crab apple tree which has deposited a mountain of leaves and fruit all over the lawn.  In the past I've use a spring tine rake to haul it all to one place and then disposed of it.  My back complains loudly if I use that technique now so I looked online for a garden vacuum.  One which got good reviews was the Sovereign 2600w from Homebase, and the best bit was the price of £27.  I bought one yesterday and it does a great job of picking up the leaves.  It's not good with the fruit and I put that down to the plastic impeller being unable to chop them up.  To be fair, it's not advertised as a shredder, although it does chop the leaves a bit.  It also has wheels at the front so you don't have to take the weight of it.  Not all vacs seem to have that.

If you're after an inexpensive garden vac, purely for leaves, it's worth looking at.

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