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Rescued From a Skip

Rescued this plant from a skip, there were several of them but this one still had a fairly good root system intact to the point that I thought I would try and save it.

But I've no idea what it is?

Can someone please help me find out what it is.



  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    I am pretty sure it's euomymous, too. They are pretty tough, so well worth a try. They can be very slow to get going when you first plant them so give it plenty of time.

  • Thank you everybody.

    Having now googled variegated Photinia and Euonymus I can see why It could be a variegated Photinia but I think it's probably a Euonymus.

    They weren't potted at all, they were all simply Yanked up and out of the ground and tossed into a skip bare root. Many plants yanked up and out to make way for slate chippings instead. No plants in garden at all now.

    I decided that most of the plants were far too damaged to rescue as no care was taken at all removing them from the ground. But this one I thought I may have a chance so I potted it up afterwards.

    I'll wait until the spring, early summer to see if it survives before I decide where to put it in the garden.

    Thank you again.

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