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Shrub Identification


Just wondering if anyone has any idea of the name of these shrubs,

thank you!



  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,185

    Others may be better able to help you, but as a general observation, they don't look terribly healthy.  The first one looks chloritic, so possibly a manganese deficiency?  And the second has dried leaves and grey mould on the leaves.  I think I would loosen the soil around them and give them a good feed, although now is not the best time of year for it.  A growth spurt followed by cold/frosty weather would result in damaged shoots.  But in the spring, I think you could bring them back to health, and then get a better idea of what shrubs you have.

  • I'm stumped at the moment. The second might be an amelanchier, by the boat shape of the leaf.  The first plant, my eyesight and the lack of something I can spot as an identifying feature aren't helping me, but it might be styrax japonica


  • Thank you :)

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