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Cow manure



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  • hi to   all above as a avid farmers friend  most of my friends who I go on are responcible peo[le and do look after there animals the best if I can make a choice is manure of milk cattle as one says you don't give them anything to spoil milk and  loose  money    and then beef cattle  when I lived in Stockton on tees  my friend  Allister used to get me 14 ton load(lost a quarter of garden but worth it ) every 2 years and any of the lotties on site  at (preston eggleclife)..  when I was a field sports man I had access to14farms  and I used to give farmers names of people who wanted muck   (BUT AS A FOOT NOTE THE REASON IDONT LIKE  HORSE MUCK IS NOT ALL GRAIN IS CRACKED OR BROKEN DOWN AS WHEN IT PASSES OUT GRAIN CAN STILL GROW )  hope it helps in some small way     Michael

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