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Birthday present of Roses.

Hi everybody.

Following my 60th birthday earlier this week, my neighbour gave me a present of 2 roses. They are both bred by Harkness, and in plastic green pots, about 9 inches deep. One is a climber called High Hopes, and the other a floribunda called Pearl Abundance. Is it ok the plant them out now or is it too cold? I could put them in larger pots and keep them inside, or even in an unheated greenhouse. I'm just not sure what to do for the best for them. I'm in Bedford.

All suggestions appreciated.

Many thanks. Martin.


  • Unless they're in flower and have 'soft' foliage, indicating that they've been growing under cover in protected conditions, I'd get them planted straight away.  Dig some organic matter into the planting area and use some mycorrhizal fungi if you can get some from your local garden centre, as directed on the packet, to give them optimum conditions. 

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    Hi Martin. It would be possible to plant them out if the ground isn't too wet and your garden is sheltered. They don't need to go in the greenhouse as they are perfectly hardy. They could potentially stay in the pots they are in (depending on size of original pots) and as long as you prevent them from freezing they should be fine until Spring.

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  • Thanks for the advice everybody. It's appreciated. I'll pop out to the garden centre tomorrow for the fungi.


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