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Magnolia denudata

HI there, I was wondering if anyone has any experience or owns a Magnolia denudata. I want to give one to my parents as a gift for their wedding anniversary as I like the history behind the species, but am worried its going to take 25+ years to flower. I'm not certain if they'll be around in 25 years!

Does anyone grow this tree? If so has it flowered for you and how long did it take to flower.

Thankyou for your help



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,196

    Hi Sven. I wish I could help you. Does it have to be that particular Magnolia as you could buy a smaller 'in flower' magnolia from a garden centre in Spring.

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  • Well I've only had the cultivar 'Yellow River' but that was in flower as a young plant (6ft ish) and others I know at a local arboretum certainly flowered well as small trees. It's not a large tree, so I think your worries are unfounded. Go for it, but perhaps look for a fairly mature pot-grown one?  Ideally neutral to acid soil, and they don't like a dry site, but one which is free draining, however. 


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