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When to Pot Tree Lillies

Peter-T-Peter-T- Posts: 138


I recently purchased 18 tree lilly bulbs from T&M, due in 4 weeks (I hope) 

Question is.......... when do I plant them ? 

I`m thinking 3 bulbs in a bit 14" or 16" pot 

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated 




  • Plant them as soon as they arrive Peter.  I have pots of similar size and have had 5 in each for the last 4 years and they did well but am transferring them to a border this coming weekend as now they grow to  6ft plus each year, the wind keeps blowing the pots over!  Plant them at the recommended depth on the instructions as the stems produce their own roots so they need to be quite deep.  You want 3 times the height of the bulb of soil above which means at least 6" deep, depending on the size of your bulbs.

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  • Peter-T-Peter-T- Posts: 138

    Thanks guys

    I`m planning on using big sturdy pots so they shouldnt blow over. 

    I need to convert more of my lawn into a potted area lol, the addiction is getting out of hand image

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