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fragrant shrubs: plant in groups or distribute throughtout garden



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    I dont feel like selling image

    I have a good friend with large garden and loves gardening. I can give to him. 

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    The decidous azaleas are lutem, northern lights, erene koster and davisii. I might have spelled them wrong as i dont have my excel of plants at the moment. They can grow big too but they were so lovely and fragrant this spring. 

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    Oh tetley,

    thank you. 

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    you can plant, accepting the fact that sooner or later they won't all fit, and remove some later on. 
    I'll be round to sniff the scent as I walk past your placeimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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  • NewbNewb Posts: 211

    I have been thinking about it for past 2-3 days. Read more about the shrubs and looked at various photos. Also looked at cost of moving and options. 

    I am thinking of planting one of each, spacing them a bit away from fence and see how they grow over next two years. i dont know if i will find them fragrant enough or not. I read many mixed experiences online. May be i wont actually go out to the garden in cold months that much.., or may be they wont look good as they grow bigger and wilder... or may be i will really like them and let them take over my garden...

    thank you all. you made me realize the risks i am heading to.

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