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Could I grow ordinary lettuce and salad leaves in a greenhouse under fleecy blanket possibly over the winter, caring well for them, please?  The greenhouse will not be heated but it is warm as other plants live in it in the colder season.  I also planted rocket this morning, 15.11.16, Tuesday and will that live?


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    Hi Anne

    You can grow lettuce etc in a cold greenhouse overwinter, but I think the seed needs to be sown around sept/Oct.
    This time of year the days are so short and not much warmth, I think it's too late now.
    I've never tried myself, but from memory, I think that's how it works.

    Hopefully someone who has done it will respond with more detail

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  • Hi Anne,

    Many salad leaves can easily be grown over winter, however it is important for the plants to get a good start before the short days really take hold.. I would suggest that you are too late to get 'cut and come again' plants started for this winter. That said, you may still successfully grow rocket, lambs lettuce etc. for use throughout winter if you sow seed little and often in your greenhouse as day time temperatures will allo germination no problem. Using this method, once two or three leaves have formed, simply harvest  everything at once :) and mae sure your next batch have germinated!

    Next year, you can sow large leaved spinach (such as viroflex), rocket, lambs lettuce, land/water cress and many varieties of lettuce from early September to early October for lovely fresh leaves throughout winter. Hope that helps!


    P.S. I would recommend investigating the edibility of many of our so-called 'weeds'. There is an abundance of wild leaves available throughout winter and early spring if you know what to look for :) 

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  • Some of the Chinese leaves (Pak Choy, Choi Sum etc.) are meant to be better than lettuces as a winter crop (i.e. sown as the days are getting shorter rather than lengthening in spring which is better for lettuces).

    The main problem in a greenhouse is not the temperature (unless it gets really cold) but the very low light levels over the winter months. I remember reading a rule-of-thumb that a day's growth in August is worth 2 days in September, 4 in October, 8 in November and 16 days in December. I don't know how strictly accurate that is but it gives you the general idea that you want to start the seeds off in good time.

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    I have trays of rocket and salad leaves in the greenhouse. There are some mixes that are better for winter, and others for summer. They are slow growing at this time of year, but the odd sunny day boosts them along a bit.

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  • Grateful for all information.

    Anne 299

  • Just to add, mizuna is suitable for growing in winter, even outdoor.

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