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What compost for agapanthus seeds please?

I had one agapanthus head, and planted about 100 seeds, thinking half would die. Not one did so had to bin some! I'm not expert but I've been nurturing some for about 2 years now, I used free draining sandy based compost, keep them in the sun, and they will be good as gold. Not too much water, and slowly increase pot size as I'm told they like feeling confined? Worked for me anyway! image


  • Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 759

    i planted some seeds last Nov and Dec, (two different varieties), in just your bog standard compost and had them on the window sill in the house, they've done really well.  Now they are a year old, I have them in a cold frame next to the house.  I do have the Hampton Court agapanthus bit recorded.  Need to watch it again as it was useful about when to plant them out etc.

    It can save a fortune to grow them from seed as one of the main agapanthus growers was at the Wisley Flower show and they were selling tiny plants for £6. 

    I'm really excited about them, and will look for more seed heads to plant more this year.

  • Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 759

    It will be a good excuse to watch it, along as hubby hasn't deleted it. I'll try and watch it this weekend.  I thought it was a really good summary as it seems quite hard to find advice on agapanthus I've thought.

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    Okay, I've just watched the Hampton Court show clip.

    - First plant, keep in pots until it fills out a 2 litre pot, and keep it protected. Only when flourishing in the 5 litre pot (I think it was, I need to go and rummage in my shed to find which size approx it was), do you plant it outside.

    They need sunny position, with good drainage and high potash feed.

    It didn't say anything about what compost to put them in from seeds.  However as i said earlier my MPC seemed to work, so can't be too fussy I guess.

    Hope that helps.

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