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Talkback: Planting courgettes

I dug up some carrots in my garden today which I planted in the autum. One was fanged,two were fine - very long and very orange, the other one looks like it had other roots forming and it looks very dry. Is it alright?


  • I potted on three courgette seedlings, grown from seed, in to a 12" pot, which now sits in the veg-plot. It gets full sun between midday and about 5pm. The result is lots of swelling buds just ready to burst in to flower.

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  • I've been growing my courgettes on in large pots outside since the beginging of April and now they are in flower and producing fruits - hurray! But, should I now plant them out in the garden or will they grow quite happily in their pots. I am feeding regularly and watering daily with a gallon of water each plant from water butt. What should I do?
  • I swoed my butternuts and some pumpkins in pots but this year I sowed the courgettes (Tosca - as an opera lover how could I resist?) direct in the soil and covered with a bell cloche. Two seeds and yesterday one sprouted vigorously. One plant gives quite enough courgettes for me, thanks very much!
  • planted out courgettes in our new allotment yesterday. Trying them on ridges or mounds as have been advised this is best for them - anyone tried this before? though bulking up, flowers not in evidence yet!
  • plant courgettes, squashes and marrows in 9 inch open ended pots in greenhouse or sheltered spot then transspose them pots and all directly into the soil once the soil has warmed up
  • If you ever have to scrap an old washing machine, make sure you retrieve the front glass door first. It makes an ideal bell cloche for sowing courgettes directly outdoors
  • with regard to not knowing what might come up in a bare patch, I had a patch under the seed birdfeeder and all sorts have come up, sunflowers, oats, and if i am not mistaken, well.... do they still put hemp seed in the wild mixtures?!
  • Last year i got 1 yes 1 courgette from about 20 flowers the rest just flowered and then dropped off. This year i planted 2 in a little veg plot i have built and the first 2 flowers have just bloomed then dropped off!! Obviously males am i doing something wrong????
  • I have tried to grow squash for the last 3years-get great plants which charge all over the place but the 'fruits' go rotten before they mature. What am I doing wrong?? I was going to give up on them this year but as I have received my DigIn seeds I thought I would give it one more go. Any advice/tips please?
  • 3 weeks ago I decided to have a go at growing some squash. Normally I would have bought new seed, but knowing that I had some fairly old (unknown variety) seed kicking around in my ever-growing seed collection, I planted them. I also sowed some newish courgette seed into pots filled with compost, strangely none of the courgette have germinated, but 1 of the unknown squash seeds has!! And doing very nicely after potting on into a bigger pot…hopefully if it gets to fruit I will let you know what variety it turns out to be!!
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