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When is best time to move two large choisya

NewbNewb Posts: 211

I have two really large Choisya shrubs. I really like them but they are at wrong place. What is best time to move them?


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,366

    I would move them now, unless the ground is frozen. 

  • NewbNewb Posts: 211

    Thank you. Yes one of them is on the front garden. It is out of proportion to everything else I am planning to plant there. I will try first pruning it and then move it to back garden. May be the second one which is in back garden, i wont move. I liked idea of spreading clematis over it. 

    I really like choisya, lovely foliage and fragrant flowers. I had bought couple of little ones to plant with sarcococca in front garden. They are small but I am hoping they will grow over time. If I had known about propagation by cutting, I would have tried. Anyway, I didnt pay much for small plants.

  • NewbNewb Posts: 211

    Would it be ok if I move it in March instead of now? 

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,145

    March/ April might be better.

    I have moved a large choisya but only in the sense that I dug it up and moved it away (towards a shredder). The roots are enormous and thick and I doubt if mine would have survived the move because the fine feeding roots were lost, being at some distance from the trunk. Yours may not be that big. They're very quick growing and you'd soon have a good plant if you had to start again. Check for layering first, as Verdun suggests, they're very good at that. Check all the ground level branches with a little tug and see if any are fixed.

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