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hi all , not sure if anyone else has done this , but as I have no trees in my garden only an old shed and plants in my borders , I thought what could I use as a bird feeding station, (instead of buying one ) so I used an old fishing rod that I found in the shed, it works a treat .



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    That sounds very interesting. Could you put a picture up so we can see how it works?

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    image pansyface

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  • hi   jonkele   last year I made 2   and to a fashion worked but in fairness you can buy some good cheap ones  I am going up g/house this morn to make 3 bird tables (  we used to use the dog kennel roof as a table  but over years  weather has taken its toll .. so as we only have 1 dog now and not 3 as we had  I cut the bad roof of and reroofed  the kennel  to 1  only the birds look lost .. so make  3 tables and put on the fence  ..going to get 2 bird boxes to leave up for next year    hoping  as we get  loads of nice  birds image   Michael  

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    I was shocked at just how much food birds get through once they decide to call.   I stopped feeding them during the summer when food was plentiful but will start again soon.  Next year I intend to grow lots of sunflowers as at the moment it is a joy to watch the tits help themselves from my three enormous sunflowers grown just for them.

    Any tall pole with a crossmember to hang the food from works well.  If a neighbour is discarding an old wash pole that can be used.  I like the look of a suitable small tree or large branch which has been blown down with food containers hanging from the branches.  Unfortunately it does tend to rot quickly so has to be replaced every year or two.  Best of all why not plant a tree in the best spot to watch it from the house.

  • hi all   after making 3 new bird tables  the birds are back feeding like blazes again noticed on country file the sparrows with the white stripes on neck and blaze on front just looking at them feeding with rocky robin on table 2 ....think I will take down the broken top of old table and put a new top on it so as 4 tables just got a new 20kg bag of seed for birds    

  • Put up a new bird table and a ground feeder with lots of goodies two weeks ago and not very much action. A few robins, couple of blackbirds, pigeons and magpies and in the last few days a squirrel who keeps burying the nuts. They say patience is required?..

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    See "Food for birds … who can read" on my garden site at


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    Sounds familiar Nick. We've been in the current house for 3 years now and within the first few weeks started putting out bird feeders - peanuts & suet pellet, half-cocunut suet / seed and wild bird mix. I try and always make sure the food is topped-up.

    Three years on and I would say our visitation level is, err, rubbish. A few 'resident' pigeons, blue tits, crows, magpies and robin making up the bulk. We do have spells when we have a regular visit by a woodpecker and some brief appearances of a family of long-tailed tits. Occasionally some great tits too.

    I've just added a nyger feeder in the hope that may attract some additional birds. We live on the edge of a woodland and of course through the spring - autumn period there is a bounty of natural goodies to be had and I guess they prefer that to my shop-bought offerings. In saying that, my folks, who live on a farm, have an absolute menagerie of visitors 24/7 12 months of the year!

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    i recently moved into a new build house and put feeders out straight away but not much action as yet. I think the problem is that I haven't got any trees or shrubs planted to attract the birds into the garden in the first place. They do like to have a bit of camouflage with a perch to check the area is safe before going to the feeder. Next year will be different I hope as more planting will have been done

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