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Building a Greenhouse

We would like to do a wooden framed greenhouse in northern AL.  It's just for potted plants only. Questions I have....

1.Should we go with a kit, or should we build one?

2.Is concrete slab ok?

3.What kind of glass should we use?

4.I have shade plants and sun plants going into the house. Is that bad to have them together? Is it ok for shaded plants to be in a mostly sun greenhouse?

5.The green house is in morning shade afternoon sun. Is that ok? 

6.Is it ok to leave the plants in it year round as long as it's well vented & good air circulation?

Thanks in advance. I really am just getting started and have no clue. My mother recently passed away and she had an awesome green thumb. I have no room in my house like she did with her plants so we are doing a greenhouse memorial for her at our house as I'm inheriting all of her plants.


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    Forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question, but does " AL" mean Alabama? 

    Most, but not all, members on this forum are bases in UK. 

    Local knowledge is key for us gardeners.

    I hate to contradict Philippa, but I'd align a greenhouse ridge North South, so one the East side gets morning sun, mid-day sun shines down its length and the West side gets afternoon sun.  Very often the site dictates which way round the greenhouse goes.

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    whew. image

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    If you want to grow crops all year round in your greenhouse then it should be aligned East/West but Summer crops only then the Greenhouse should be aligned North/South so you were both correct image

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    The orientation depends somewhat on the purpose of the g/h.

    I have my new one aligned East/West as I'll grow toms in a long bed on the N side and I have shelving on the S side. So the toms will get sun all day. I'll grow a few peppers and chili on the shelf side but it'll be mostly toms in the summer and the S facing side will have little in it.

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