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bird of paradise (White)


I have a white bird of paradise.  I bought the house 3 years ago with the plant already established.  Due to neglect it had only 2 leaves on it.  now its massive.  I have heard that the Whites are hard to bloom.  Does it need to get bigger?? Or is there something I can do to get it to bloom?imageimageimage

It does have lots of pups.  I have left them.  Do I need to remove them?

It is in a pool room and gets lots of light, but I have also put a grow light beside it.  I fertilize it about every 3 - 4 weeks and it gets watered every couple of days.



  • It's looking very healthy and is probably feeling far too good, what with all the tlc and fertilizer.  Plants flower in order to procreate and further the species - as yours is finding the environment very much to its liking it has been furthering the species by producing offsets  - it may feel more inclined to flower if it thinks its life is getting tougher and its days may be numbered.  I would withhold the fertilizer .

    I wouldn't remove the offsets unless the root space is getting too crowded.  

    Good luck - it will look marvellous when it does flower image

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