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Hellebores with nodding flower (not drooping ones)

NewbNewb Posts: 211

which hellebores have upright nodding flowers like niger? Looking for double ones and colored ones as well.

 Last year i bought plugs of lady series ones and now that they are coming to flower, they have all flowers drooping. 


  • NewbNewb Posts: 211

    It was the Niger which had got me interested in Hellebores. They kept saying hello to me for weeks even in wind and rain last winter whenever i looked at them from kitchen window.

    How do Harvington's double do? Was looking at Hellebore ellen too but they seem to lack height. Last year I bought one or two plants in flower(double type) from nursery but I lost tags. Just dont feel like going there, it takes a long time by bus.

  • Have a look at the 'Ericsmithii' cultivars, which have led to the ''Gold Collection" cultivars. Strong plants, whites, creams, green tinted and purples.


  • NewbNewb Posts: 211

    Thanks. Looks i should go to nursery to choose the colour and form.

  • Verdun, I gave up trying to prise open peoples' wallets. Running a garden centre has left me more cynical then ever and I policed for 26 years! I just get in the plants I like and hope!


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