Storing Apples

hello, for the first time in years I had to store my apples picked because I was in the middle of emptying/defrosting my freezer. they were stored in my newly constructed shed in a large plant pot. I went to get them today and found that they had all gone soft, they haven't rotted yet but wasn't sure if I could still use them. I have 2 x questions --

why have they gone soft and can I use them or is it too late ?? (I don't want to poison us)




  • Pete8Pete8 Posts: 2,907

    Generally only perfect apples are stored and the idea is to wrap each apple in a bit of paper and place on a bench (ideally slatted) in a cool dark place with none of the wrapped apples touching.

    Yours have started to decay. Personally I don;t think I'd bother trying them as they have started to rot and I doubt you would be impressed with the texture or flavour even if they don't poison you.

    Wish you better luck for next season

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,613

    Some varieties of apple store well - others are best used immediately.

    Apples which are soft, even a little wizened, are fine to use for cooking as long as they are not discoloured. 

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