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Echinacea offer

Just seen an Echinacea plug offer from TM - Papallo Collection. Are these perennials, evergreen and reliable? I am tempted - or can I just grow them myself from seed?


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,322

    I have had success growing them from seed (Magnus and Pink Parasol).  They are the normal single pink types rather than the fancier doubles or different colours


    I would be wary of plugs at this time of the year - tricky to get them through a winter when they are that small.  They are fine in spring when they have more time to bulk up for their first cold spell

  • The sensible me agrees with you too, Spring would be a better time to sow or even purchase these plug plants, but looking at the glossy picture of them in full flower it is so tempting. I grew Pink Parasol from seed this year and it looks like it may overwinter.  The PP flowers were lovely and attracted so many bees for hours on end. I will wait .......

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