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Need help with my Jasmine

I bought a young jasmine plant recently and the leaves dried up pretty quick, I am not trying to make sure I'm watering it right and placed it in an even sunnier spot but im worried its going to get worse. There are some healthy looking leaves at the end a stem but very few in comparison to the rest of the plant. Should I be cutting some of these stems off or should I just wait it out? Can dried up leaves recover and come back to a normal state? here are some quick photos[email protected]/30162518294/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/30162514824/in/dateposted-public/

thanks in advance!


  • sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

    why is it indoors? shouldn't it be planted in the garden? :)

  • If it's the evergreen sort then it wouldn't be hardy in the garden. I don't think the leaves will recover but the plant might. Mine got very dry when I was on holiday in the summer but has grown back vigorously since being rehydrated. I cut back all the dead bits once the new shoots appeared.

  • I live in London so unfortunately I don't have a garden :( do you really think the pot is too small for this jasmine? I have seen other jasmines grow indoors though so I didn't think that would be a huge problem. The jasmine didn't come with a label so unfortunately I have no idea what species it is. I have see

  • I have both sorts and if it is the hardy deciduous (jasminum officinale) one then I agree it wouldn't be happy in a small pot. Mine is huge (about 10 feet tall and wide). The evergreen one that I have (jasminum polyanthum) is in a pot but quite a large one. I'm not sure how you tell the difference easily though!

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    I have grown many of these and, frankly, I think yours may be past help. You can grow them indoors for a while and keep them cut back so they don't get too large but they need a larger pot and a cool, bright space to thrive. A sunny window sill in a centrally heated room is NOT suitable, I'm afraid, but a bright porch or sheltered balcony would be fine.

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