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When to cut back and prune? I've heard they don't respond too well but mine is rather out of control image


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    I have a mature Hibiscus which I pruned to a neater shape in Spring and I was rewarded with a lovely display of flowers in the summer, however... most of these blooms were at the top of the plant (7foot ish) so not ideal. This makes me think that they do respond to pruning and flowers come from new growth so I am a bit unsure whether to cut back too hard in case the older stems won't produce a new growth?? 

    Join you in hoping for some direction Mark...

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    Prune in late winter/early spring but not when frosts are forecast in the next few days as these can damage the wounds.

    If you're worried, try pruning just one third to a half of the stems back to low buds and then do the next third to half in subsequent years.   After a good prune of any flwoering shrub I like to give a generous handful of blood, fish and bone and a liquid tonic of tomato food in late spring to encourage them to flower..

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    i have an hibiscus 'white chiffon' which i bought from the 'dead' shelf at B&Q i have repotted in a approx 10inch pot as it was very pale green and a bit neglected, is this ok it was in a 2ltr pot when i bought it?should i chop it back?

    Also i have an hibiscus 'kopper king' each of the two yrs i have had it it has grown on straight stem which leaves but no flowers either year, the first year i cut it back to the base but what to do this year?this years stem is probably 15/18 inches tall, should i cut this back or leave it? why does it only produce one stem, no branches and no flowers, it is in full sun? 

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