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Propagating lilies

While I was pottering yesterday I dug up a yellow bulb-type thingy which split into separate scales. I think it must be a lily - I planted a dozen or so years ago - but this one didn't flower this year. How do I grow new lilies from them?


  • homebirdhomebird Posts: 110

    I put the scales in a plastic bag with compost and leave the bag hanging in the greenhouse until spring. Small bulbils will grow from the edge of the scale. 

  • Thanks Philippa and Homebird. I'll put some straight in pots and some in a bag and do a comparison image

  • Hmm, might have to raid hubby's brewing supplies then! Thanks Hortico!

  • Spahgnum moss is useful because it holds moisture and air at the same time - both of which are important for healthy root formation.  

    Moisture without air will cause roots to rot.  Air without moisture will cause roots to dry out and die. 

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  • ThankthecatThankthecat Posts: 421
    So these lily scales all developed bulbils and I potted them up individually last year. Some produced slender top growth last summer. They are still in their individual pots - can they go in the ground now or should I pot them on into bigger pots and cosset them a bit longer? 
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,189
    I would pot on and cosset them for at least one more season.
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