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Gardening Questionnaire

Hi, I am student studying at the University of Huddersfield and have a questionnaire on gardening that I would be grateful if you could take part in. By agreeing to answer my questions you are agreeing to me using them in my student project. They will be confidential and anonymised and not published. The data will only be seen by tutors marking or moderating the work. Any questions that don't apply to you, you can leave blank. Thanks in advance.

1.  What is your favourite gardening task and why? (e.g. pruning, mowing, digging, planting)
2.  What is your least favourite gardening task and why? (e.g. pruning, mowing, digging, planting)
3.  What is your best/favourite gardening tool and why? (e.g. garden trowel)
4.  What is missing from your toolkit? (e.g. pruning shears with better grip)
5.  Do you own an allotment?
-  Yes
-  No, I don’t want one
-  No, but I would like to
6.  Do you grow fruit or vegetables?
-  I grow fruit (Specify what you grow e.g. strawberries)
-  I grow vegetables (Specify what you grow e.g. carrots)
-  I grow both (Specify what you grow e.g. strawberries, carrots, cucumbers)
-  I don’t grow either (If not please specify why not e.g. limited space in your garden)
7.  Do you eat what you grow?
-  No
8.  If you grow fruit or vegetables, what do you find most difficult about it? (e.g. the stake used for taller plants doesn’t keep it from bending over or you have limited space in your garden)
9.  Do you think gardening has improved your health?
-  Yes
-  No
-  (If yes please specify how)
10.Have you had an injury from gardening?
-  No
-  (If yes please specify)
11.Which tasks, if any, have you had to give up or are considering giving up and why? (e.g. mowing the lawn as you are less steady on your feet)
12.Do you attempt to attract wildlife? (e.g. using a bird feeder)
-  Yes
-  No
-  (If yes, please specify what you do)



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