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soil type

K 9K 9 Posts: 10

what type of soil for lobelia queen victoria


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,726

    Anything, as long as it is moist. It is also a martyr to slugs.

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  • K 9K 9 Posts: 10

    Thanks punkdoc, Intend to sink in the garden in plastic bags with little drainage for just learnt recently they are marginals,I have lost so many in the past, I was thinking of aquatic soil, but will try adding coir to garden soil. K 9. 

  • K 9K 9 Posts: 10

    Thanks for for your tips verdun,I always had them in pots and lost them over winter, the nursery insisted they were hardy,but were marginals, I dont have a greenhouse thats why I thought I would sink in garden with moisture retentive coir added, just a thought, I will put half in the car port and see what happens.  K 9. 

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