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Moving house conundrum

I currently live in Northamptonshire and have a small but very productive south facing garden. Over the last 2 years I have put in raised beds, bought lots of tubs, wooden containers and even a 1.8m vegtrug. on top of that I have a 6ft greenhouse and all the usual paraphernalia we gardeners collect.

In a month I move to Scotland with work and the house has been sold to people who don't garden. I will be going into hotel then rental for the first 6 months  

My conundrum is what to do with all my gardening equipment and plants. Do I try and take them all (how/ where to store) or do I leave/sell/Give away and start anew when I am settled.

I am torn as I have invested love and money into the garden and hate to leave some of my plants but at the same time excited at the thought of creating something complely new from scratch  

what do you think? 


  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Which town are you moving to Suzanne? If it's anywhere near to me I could store tubs,tools etc/

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    SW Scotland
  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Firstly with plants ensure your house sale clearly states which plants are staying and leaving. We've heard tales of people getting into hot water when lifting plants after a sale as legally they are property of the house.

    Secondly: seriously consider whether the plants you have a suitable for the new climate. My family (Northamptonshire) grow plants that do not thrive in Yorkshire so the leap to Scotland will make a huge difference.

    Personally I'd try to sell everything in terms of equipment that I could and buy afresh when you're settled. You might not make what you brought them for BUT you don't need to pay out for transport and storage.

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    Moved here a month ago and it is a wrench leaving a treasured garden to people you know are not gardeners.  I had the luxury of being able to pot up some special treasures and bring lots of stuff but have left most behind.

    If you're to be in a hotel for 6 months you can't reasonably expect to keep cuttings and divisions alive but you could store seeds.   In theory, the greenhouse and so on are part of the property and included in the sale price and you can only move what isn't attached so pots and furniture but not plants in the ground or sheds etc.   Work out what your spent on your pots and troughs and then the cost of transporting and storing them against what you might make by selling them to invest in buying new when' you're ready to garden again.

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    Presumably your furniture is going into storage. Keep your gardening tools in storage. Plus any beloved pots, empty of course. Then walk away.  Look on it as another gardening opportunity. Take your experience with you and nurture it over the next six months.  Good luck. I have walked away from seven gardens so far.. ........

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  • Thanks for the advice and offers of help. my job is based in Lochlore, Fife and we are looking to live within about 15-20 mile radius of there. Kinross is the current favourite Location but so many nice areas  

    The move will be in stages with myself coming up alone for a month ( hotel and airbnb) leaving Hubble and family behind until house sale completes. He is not a gardener and that's why I need to sort it all out before I leave in 3 weeks. 

    I think I will go for a combination of donating/ /selling/ but taking some of my pots that are currently dormant with bulbs and tubers in (for next spring/summer) but leave the rest. All tools and gardening kit can move with the house move,   

    The new job with a house move is stressful enough without worrying about plants  

    Once again, thank you and I'm sure I'll be back asking about best plants to grow once I am settled. 

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