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Box Blight?

Good evening! I fear the worst and hope you can shine light on my gloomy mood: is this box blight? One of my topiary balls has decided to shed leaves in lavish manners from the inside (see pictures), the outside seems fine for now, but it looks worryingly like blight to me... It's annoying, as it is a new one which I put in quarantine for a few weeks to be on the safe side, and now this.



  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,122

    Evergreens are always dead looking on the inside when you pull them open.Take your hand away and let us see what the bush looks like

  • Flo7Flo7 Posts: 33

    It looks healthy from the outside - I did check others and they don't look as dead inside as this one... Here is an "outside" picture, complete with allium bulbs that were planted...


  • No blight in sight

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