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Need some help

I am in the process of doing my garden and at last the hard landscaping has been done. I have done some planting earlier in the year but there is one new bed that is empty. I want to keep the planting quite low and to have year round colour. Any ideas of what to plant now. It is in full sun most of the day and can be seem from my lounge window. I would like to plant something now but as the weather getting colder not sure what will survive. I live in Dorset so not as cold as other parts of country.


  • Shrubs - look at Mediterranean plants particularly- cistus, lavender, rosemary and all the herbs, ceratostigma, ceanothus, spiraea, physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo', some of the smaller philadelphus and if your soil's friendly (i.e. not too chalky or waterlooged), japanese maples, callicarpa, calycanthus 'Hartlage Wine'.

    Perennials - all the daisies, (rudbeckia, aster, echinacea, helianthus, helenium), sedum, phlox, penstemon,  so many from which to choose

    Low-growing - helianthemum, sedum, veronica prostrata, armeria, aubrieta

    Trees - cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' or 'Forest Pansy', flowering cherries, birch (betula utilis), styrax japonica, magnolias, esp 'Stellata', 'Susan' and other smaller cultivars.  

    Some to have a look at


  • Thanks so much for the ideas. Looks like the rest of the day will be spent looking everything up and planning. I really appreciate the help given when posting on this site. I am an inexperienced gardener doing a new garden from scratch so a bit overwhelming sometimes. It is nice to know i can ask what might be an easy or daft question to those more experienced but help is always given, invaluable.

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