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All my apple trees produced poor scabby apples which bruise easily. What have I done wrong?

How can I prevent this happening again?

If anyone has any ideas I shall be very grateful.

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  • ThankthecatThankthecat North DevonPosts: 383

    What varieties are you growing? Some are more prone to scab than others. I had to get rid of a Worcester Pearmain this year for this reason, while my King of the Pippins has produced a wonderful crop. In my experience (and hubby's, who used to work on a fruit farm in Kent) ALL apples deserve very careful handling or they will bruise. I'm sure there are treatments for scab, and there are tons more knowledgeable gardeners here who will know how you can treat it, but I've learned my lesson with the Worcester. IMHO there's no better apple straight off the tree, but I'm going to stick to varieties that are resistant in future. It broke my heart cutting that tree down image

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,350

    I have an old  worcester that fruits every year, never gets fed, hardly ever gets pruned, and produces so much fruit that  I struggle to give it away after I have filled the freezer. A three year old Jonagold has scabby apples here. I look at it with a view to getting rid. A Cox planted at the same time, reputedly difficult , has produced some gorgeous fruit this year.  Much depends on soil conditions and microclimate.  As Verdun says, some suit one area better than others. Rosemoor has an orchard, with varieties suitable for Devon.

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