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Holly cuttings?

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Can I take a cutting from a Holly Tree and if so how do I treat it/grow it?


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    You would be far better off just looking for small seedlings near to an existing tree.   Given the number of Holly seedlings next doors garden produces You could dig them up and produce a hedge. I have to dig them up when I see them.  The birds eat the berrys then poo them out while sitting on the garden fence.   The new holly tree seedlings start growing very easily.

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  • I once managed to root a bit by accident. It was in Oasis in the Christmas dinner table flower display. It was just a bit with two smallish leaves at the end but it was left in there because I was too laggardly to throw it all away. After about a week it was put outside (still in its Oasis) and forgotten about. In the spring it grew new leaves so I potted it up. It made a good size plant after a few years. If you want to have a go I'd therefore recommend trying Oasis and a mild spell at first to promote root growth, followed by a cooler spell (perhaps a coldframe?) But I think you'd be best advised taking several cuttings, using rooting compound, and taking bits that are still fairly flexible! 

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  • Rooting a cutting in Liam Gallagher, now that WOULD be a feat... :)

    It's that green stuff you get from florists. They poke the stems of flowers into it to hold them upright. It probably has another name nowadays but I've always known it as Oasis. I know you can still get it in garden centres with a good houseplant section.

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    Many thanks all.

  • Yes, you put the stem in at the top and set it in a shallow dish with water at the bottom, if I remember, so it stays just moist. I bet you could use vermiculite too. But look, I just checked and you can stil get it on Amazon:

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